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Willie Franklin-
Man on Evangelical Mission

Willie was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1949. His childhood family moved to San Diego, California in 1959 where Willie graduated from Abraham Lincoln High school in 1968, then later earned All-American in football and track, as well as state runner-up in wrestling at Mesa Community Junior College. Willie enrolled at the University of Oklahoma to play football & graduated in 1972 with a degree in Education. Meanwhile, in 1971 Willie was a walk-on with the Baltimore Colts and made the team. He played for them for almost two years and was converted to Christ by Ron Fletcher in 1973.

In 1974, Willie signed with the Los Angeles Rams, but his heart was more in the Lord's work. He decided to give up pro-football to attend Harding University for a two year preaching program in 1975 (Biblical Studies). While at Harding preaching school, Willie traveled all over the states preaching and teaching the gospel to young and old alike. He taught at workshops, gospel meetings, youth rallies, special Sundays, Christian camps, college lectureships. In addition, he taught through mission work in Jamaica, Canada and Alaska. Willie finished the Biblical studies program in 1977 and returned to Clinton, Oklahoma to work with Ron Fletcher.

Willie returned to Harding University 1979, to work as Campus Minister and recruiting students to attend Harding College. In 1981, Willie took an opportunity to teach bible classes at Dallas Christian in Mesquite, TX. In 1983, Willie married Pam Albanese. They soon moved to Papua New Guinea, where they lived for seven years doing mission work around the island. They also worked among the churches of Christ in Australia.

One year after returning to the U.S. with three daughters – Natalie, Janelle and Rachelle – their son, James, was born to the Franklins. Willie worked with Avon Malone and the Wilshire Church of Christ, as well as doing evangelism on the campus of OCUSA and Oklahoma University.

In 1995, Willie, Pam, and the four children moved to Murfreesboro, TN to work with the churches of Christ around middle Tennessee, and the Leanna Church of Christ. In 1999, the family moved to Rolla, Missouri to work with Tony Wallace and the churches of Christ in that area, while also working a campus ministry at University of Missouri-Rolla. In 2004, Willie and Pam moved the family to Corinth, TX where they are currently doing work in Campus ministry at the University of North Texas, as well as working with the churches of Christ in that area.

Today, while also working with the Aubrey church of Christ, in Aubrey Texas, Willie continues to be a “man on a mission” – to seek out & save the lost is his heart’s burning desire.